Garden for life is not just a mission statement at Taylor Garden & Gift Shop in Florence, it is a way of life. Tommy Taylor says, “Gardening has its root in the Biblical account of God’s Creation. What a wonderful beginning occupation for man. With disobedience came sweat and toil, which happen to be good exercise and therapy. Jesus Christ taught in “horticultural” terms, speaking of planting, reaping, pruning, and bearing fruit. From Eden to Gethsemene the Bible refers to all aspects of gardening even to the last chapter of Revelation. So, gardening must be for life and then some.”, Taylor explains. Plants are our only natural resource for oxygen, and they consume our carbon dioxide as they synthesize light into food energy. Now THAT’s gardening for our lives.

Tommy Taylor, President of Taylor Garden & Gift Shop is a 4th generation nurseryman who not only enjoys gardening but also involves his family. Tommy is also a SCNA certified nursery professional. He also has a weekly TV segment on WBTW. His wife, Pauline, is a talented floral and interior designer who manages the Gift and Christmas shop. They met at Francis Marion University in 1970, of all things, raking leaves together. Their 3 children, Amy, Justin and Lauren, all help in the business and are talented musicians. They are learning many “melodies” of gardening as well. The Taylors are grateful to be in the Pee Dee with dedicated employees and devoted customers.

Taylor says, “Our faith in the Lord for his loving kindness makes us appreciate gardening sincerely, noting that we plant and water but God alone gives the growth.”

Taylor Garden & Gift Shop has been serving the Pee Dee and surrounding areas for over 20 years. This business offers not only a plant store with professional assistance and master gardeners, both yard landscape and maintenance are also available.

Taylor’s also has a famous year round gift shop featuring one of a kind, professionally decorated Christmas decor. Specialty items for Christmas created for you by request to fit your creative needs.